Author Signing and Discussion: UN/MASKED
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Author Signing and Discussion: UN/MASKED

Join us as the author of UN/MASKED: Memoirs of a Guerrilla Girl On Tour talks about strong women while we pour strong drinks.

UN/MASKED follows the surprising 25-year journey of a young, New York City actress swept off her feet by the rising movie star, William Hurt, who carries her to Malibu and back for a three-plus year love affair that is both fantastical and physically dangerous.  As a GuerrillaGirl, Aphra Behn creates comedic art and theater that blasts the blatant sexism of the theater world while proving feminists are funny at the same time.

This is the memoir of a woman-turned-survivor-turned-radical-feminist who takes off her mask and, by merging her identities, reveals all. 

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